Commissioned by italian composer Clara Iannotta.

Twelve is a sound machine comprised of 12 custom built music boxes with specially tuned lamellae controlled by on/off switches and knobs. Each knob controls the speed of one motor running one music-box and when combined, the device becomes a form of reverse digital to analogue 12 track sequencer. Whereas any attempt to create a melody would lead to failure, the device is an attempt to create a digital-like system that follows analog rules.(by   for Creative Application)

For Clara Iannotta this instrument represents the finale of compositional cycle revolving around bells and music box mechanisms. World premiere of the according piece The peope here go mad. They blame the wind. was performed by Trio Catch on May 10th 2014.

Material: music boxes, wood, stepper motors, aluminium, electronics
Size: 70 x 25 x 6 cm