Pixel Errors of Very Large Telescopes IV – IX

Original images from telescopes of the European Southern Observatories (ESO) in Chile are used for this serie of prints. The pictures embody the raw calibration data of some instruments from the telescopes at Paranal, the pure noise of the magnificient machines themselves. The laser-engraved black anodized aluminium plates are derived from camera sensors working in the near-infrared spectrum, for another series sensors working with visible light are used for printing greyscale images on alu-dibond (here). Freed from their original context, the clean aesthetic power of a scientific by-product emerges. The scientist’s noise turned into the artist’s signal.

size: 18.15 × 18.07 cm

size: 72.25 × 36.12 cm

size: 27.20 × 20.29 cm

size: 72.25 × 38.81 cm

size: 23.50 × 23.47 cm

size: 36.12 × 36.12 cm