CREDOCosmic Radio Engine for Delusional Observations

A radio telescope scans the skys in search of signs of extraterrestrial life.
The received raw signals serve as input data for a neural network, which was trained on human theories and ideas of aliens. Now it tries desperately to apply this knowledge and to discover possible messages of other civilizations in the noise of the universe. Mysterious noises resound as the artificial intelligence penetrates deeper and deeper into the alien data, where it finally finds the ultimate proof.
The sound installation revolves around one of the oldest questions of mankind – one that can never be disproved: Are we alone in the universe?
This question will remain unanswered until at some point a positive proof is provided. After all, the absence of evidence is no evidence of absence. Until then it was and is a question of faith, of convictions and assumptions, on the borderline between reality and fiction, where scientific knowledge and wildest speculations merge.

In collaboration with Christian Losert and Sebastian Müllauer.

Special thanks to Marco Pasini.

Developed within the framework of the #bebeethoven scholarship programme, a project of the PODIUM Esslingen on the occasion of the Beethoven Jubilee 2020, funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation.

In co-production with ZKM | Hertz-Lab.


Cybershamanistic initiation ritual, using VR glasses and a human interface.